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Batting Partnerships

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1194 David Smith - Dale Potter McRobies Gully Cricket Club 5th Grade3 1 Old Beach
2175 Benjamin Cornish - Mark Brittain Knights Cricket Club7th Grade9 1 Wellington
3241 Andrew Dunham - Travis Cresswell Derwent Cricket Club1st Grade7 1 New Norfolk
4234 Michael Chivers - Craig Bennett St Annes Cricket Club Inc7th Grade4 1 Brighton Eagles
5161 Jarrod Mallinson - Andrew Daft Knights Cricket Club5th Grade12 1 Weily Park Rockers
6124 Bradley Eyles - Nathan White Bothwell Cricket Club4th Grade9 1 Hobart
7203 Jed Steele - Marcus Turner Sandford Cricket Club 3rd Grade2 1 MacKillop Belta's
8185 Scott McIntosh - Michael Brett Sandford Cricket Club 8th Grade8 1 St Annes
9114 Nick Piuselli - Jeremy Nichols Molesworth Cricket Club 2nd Grade11 1 Knights
1074 Scott Rogers - Travis Boutcher Montagu Bay Sharks Cricket Club 6th Grade14 1 Brighton

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