Lord Taverners Spirit of Cricket Award

The Laws of Cricket hold captains responsible for ensuring that at all times, the game is conducted within both the Spirit of the Game, and the Laws. In fact, the Spirit of the Game is as much a part of the Laws as any other Law of Cricket.


To determine the Spirit of Cricket, umpires vote on three aspects (0 – 4 points) in every match with the results then being averaged out by the total number of games played by the club. The three criteria are Respect for Opponent, Respect for the Role of the Umpire and Respect for the Game: a mark of 6 indicating the match was played in good spirits.





Spirit of Cricket Winners



 Season  Winners 
 2021-22 University
 2020-21 Lindisfarne
 2019-20 Weily Park
 2018-19 Montagu Bay
 2017-18 Wellington
 2016-17 McRobies Gully 
 2015-16 Lindisfarne
 2014-15 Mackillop Beltas
 2013-14 St Virgils
 2012-13 Dodges Ferry
 2011-12 Dodges Ferry





11-12 points: Indicates the team epitomised the true Spirit of the Game. Even ahead of own team’s fortunes, players conducted themselves in exemplary manner. Examples include, but are not limited to: calling opposition batsman back on a doubtful decision, fielders advising the umpires that they did not catch the ball, batsman walking without waiting for umpires’ decisions when fielder claims a catch, no sledging, no dissent at umpires’ decisions and in no way did a players actions contravene Law 42 of the Laws of Cricket – Fair and Unfair Pay.



8-10 points: Indicated team played with excellent spirit for entire match. Examples include, but are not limited to: players acknowledged the achievements & performances of the opposing team members, appeals only made when the fielding side genuinely believed the batsman was out, communication with umpires was not demeaning in any way. Team went above and beyond what is required of them regarding covers and assisting the opposition.



6-7 points: Indicates that the match was played in good spirit for its entirety. Generally no disrespect or spite displayed by any players or directed at the umpires. Team did what is expected and required of them as per By-Laws and Playing Conditions. Communication with the umpires was respectable.



3-5 points: Uncompromising with no major incidents. Some players were spoken to by the umpires for the use of crude language or sledging of opponents; captains took action to rectify. Team did not offer or provide any assistance to the opposition and showed minor disrespect toward venue. Some mild dissent shown at an umpire’s decision. Captain showed disregard for the over rate and directions of the umpires. Team had player/s yellow carded and showed minimal positive attributes as described above. 



1-2 points: Team created an antagonistic atmosphere with unacceptable behaviour requiring the umpires to intervene on more than one occasion. Captain unable to control his/her team; no respect shown for the opposing team, umpires or the game’s traditional values. Actions include but are not limited to: advancing the umpire when appealing, appealing when batsman is clearly not out, continual obscenity apparent to spectators and disrespect for clubs persons and volunteers.