SCA By-Laws and Playing Conditions

The SCA By-Laws and Playing Conditions govern the requirements of clubs, players, coaches and officials in the SCA and define the conditions, in addition to the Laws of Cricket, under which matches are played.


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MCC Laws of Cricket


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SCA By-Laws and Playing Conditions Changes Summary 2018/19




SCA 1st - 5th Grade Playing Conditions (Limited Overs)


SCA 6th - 8th Grade Playing Conditions (Limited Overs)


SCA 1st - 8th Grade Twenty20 Playing Conditions


SCA Women's Competition Playing Conditions


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Any amendments to the By-Laws and Playing Conditions that are not reflected in the PDF versions will be displayed below. Any amendments listed below will also be communicated to clubs separately. 




17.0 - Allocation of Points

  1. If all teams have an equal number of byes in any season there will be no points awarded for a bye. In the event of this not being the case the COM will determine a policy.


Rationale: Transpositional error. Was originally in SCA By-Laws and PC's 2017/18 edition.



32.0 Forfeiture

  1. When a team forfeits a match, the opposing team shall be awarded points, and bonus points equal to the highest number of points gained by any team in that round, within that grade.
  2. Clubs must notify the SCA COM by 9pm Thursday prior to the commencement of that round if they are required to forfeit a match. After that that and until 6pm Friday, that match umpire(s) shall be awarded half of the match fee. Following 6pm Friday, match umpires shall be awarded full fees.
  3. Any team that forfeits a match will be deemed to have lost 10 wickets and conceded 100 runs in Limited Overs matches.
  4. A forfeit win shall be considered a match when determining finals eligibility with the team being submitted to MyCricket and is required to do so by Monday 12noon following the match.
  5. A forfeit loss shall not be considered a match when determining finals eligibility, with the team being removed from MyCricket.
  6. Automatic penalty for a forfeiture of matches is for the clubs first offence $75.00 and any subsequence - $150.00


Rationale: Transpositional error. Monetary penalty for forfeiture was originally in the 2017/18 version, however, with significant changes to the format of the 2018/19 edition, it was left out by accident.


36.0 Playing Apparel & Equipment


(2) Helmets

  1. It is compulsory that players all players under 18 years of age wear a helmet when batting or, except for any fielding position behind square of the wicket on the off side, when fielding within 10 meters of the batsman, regardless of what grade they are playing.
  2. It is compulsory that all players wear a helmet when batting against fast or medium-paced bowling. The umpires are the sole judge of whether bowling is fast or medium-paced and will judge the pace of the bowling against what is considered “fast”, “medium-paced” or “slow” within the context of that match.


Rationale: Transpositional error. The SCA COM allow umpires to discern that a player older than 18 years of age can remove their helmet against slow bowling (not under 18 players). The way that it is currently written is ambiguous when compared with 36(2)(b)


Please note it is the umpires sole discretion to determine the competency of a batter to remove their helmet to slow bowlers.