Clubs Honour Stalwart in Inaugural ‘Pat Kamaric’ Memorial Shield
Date of Event : Thu Jan 4, 2018 3:56PM
Sean McGuire (St Anne's) and Brandon Muir (Wellington) with the Pat Kamaric Memorial Shield

The St Anne’s and Wellington Cricket Clubs will honour the memory of a respected member of the cricket community when they square off this weekend in the SCA 1st Grade top of the table clash at Eady Street Oval.


Pat Kamaric suddenly passed away on April 12, 2017 and such was his legacy to the St Anne’s Cricket Club and the local community, St Anne’s Club President, Phillip Cockshutt, said that reaching out to their main rival to honour Paddy annually was a no brainer. 


“Paddy was the most generous and loyal supporter in the clubs’ most recent history. Whilst only playing three matches for the club, he was a well-known member of the Kookaburra Southern Cricket Association and the wider community, which was reflected when many of our club rivals were present at Paddy’s funeral to pay their respects. Paddy was always there to greet players at training and on match days with his customary handshakes and was on hand to provide players with best wishes and would always be there to support our players through thick and thin.


I think it is a fantastic tribute to a guy that had such an effect on so many people. I am sure that all players, volunteers and supporters from both teams will be looking forward to competing for the shield and paying respects to Pat and his family each season” Cockshutt said.


The Warriors and Crows have been the benchmark of the KSCA Competition for several years and boast a strong, healthy rivalry and since Wellington’s inception into the competition in 2011/12, the Warriors hold a strong advantage, winning 12 encounters (including three GF’s), while the Crows have come up on top on five occasions (one match was tied in 2014/15).


The Pat Kamaric Memorial Shield has been kindly donated by Nick Dawes and will be awarded by Pat’s family to the winning team on the day, as well a medal for the player of the match.  


The match commences at 10:30am at Eady Street Oval and with both teams starting strongly in 2017/18, they will be both looking forward to claiming a psychological edge over each other in preparation for the SCA Finals Series.


From 2018/19 and beyond, the memorial match will be hosted by St Anne’s at Cadbury Oval.


St Anne’s and Wellington Recent History

Rd 1 2017/18 - St Anne’s 4/165 (J Shelton 79no) def Wellington 9/165 (B Smith 4/36)

GF 2016/17 - Wellington 6/165 (W Quarrell 81no) def St Anne’s 164 (A Downton 3/34)
SF 2016/17 - St Anne’s 6/211 (N Mallinson 138) def Wellington 207 (D Brown 2/50)
Rd 11 2016/17 - Wellington 8/228 (W Quarrell 116no) def St Anne’s 112 (D Muir 4/33)
Rd 4 2016/17 -St Anne’s 6/294 (N Mallinson 164no) def 185 (W Quarrell 106no, M Wilson 3/26)

PF 2015/16 -Wellington 265 (D Muir 97, B Cartledge 5/68) def St Anne’s 160 (M Kamaric 69)
Rd 14 2015/16 - Wellington 3/190 (N Muir 87) def St Anne’s 188 (D Muir 2/13)
Rd 5 2015/16 - Wellington 2/111 (W Quarrell 60no) def St Anne’s 108 (D Muir 3/11)

GF 2014/15 - Wellington 7/69 (L Jones 3/18) def St Anne’s 68 (A Downton 5/11)
SF 2014/15 - Wellington 8/233 (W Quarrell 104no) def St Anne’s 40 (P Curran 5/15, A Downton 5/24)
Rd 7 2014/15 - Wellington 6/245 (D Muir 69, B Cartledge 4/38) tied St Anne’s 8/245 (N Mallinson 61) 

Rd 18 2013/14 - St Anne’s 6/168 (N Kopper 57) def Wellington (B Cartledge 4/33)
Rd 9 2013/14 - Wellington 1/94 (N Mallinson 66no) def St Anne’s 93 (A Smith 4/31)

GF 2012/13 - Wellington 9/226 (C Hobson 54) def St Anne’s 102 (A Downton 4/23, J Henri 3/8)
SF 2012/13 - Wellington 218 (B Beams 59, B Cartledge 6/33) def St Anne’s 105 (J Henri 2/11)
Rd 17 2012/13 - Wellington 8/250 (N Mallinson 112) def St Anne’s 6/249 (P Cockshutt 103)
Rd 5 2012/13 -Wellington 6/317 (M Dilger 68, M McConnon 50) def St Anne’s 117 (P Cockshutt 68, M Rainbird 5/32)

Rd 18 2011/12 - St Anne’s 9/226 (P Cockshutt 62) def Wellington 225 (J Burgess 71, P Rogers 3/38)
Rd 9 2011/12 Wellington 186 (M Hamilton 56, D Kamaric 4/28) def St Anne’s 148 (P Johnston 46, B Beams 4/17, M Dilger 3/17)


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