SCA By-Laws, Playing Conditions & Competition Format Proposal Process
Date of event: Wednesday February 14, 2018

As outlined in the SCA Club Update on the 10 January, submissions are now being accepted from all Clubs (including the SCUA) for proposals to change/amend any component of the SCA By-Laws and Playing Conditions for ALL GRADES for implementation for the 2018/19 season.


As mentioned earlier in the season via the SCA Club Update, SCA Clubs, the SCA Committee and CT have the opportunity to submit By-Laws, Playing Conditions and Competition Format proposals for review/implantation for the 2018/19 season


In order for a proposal to be considered, submissions must be made through the completion of the attached template, should include an outline of the current situation/practice/By-Law, the proposed alternate and the rationale for the change. Proposals must then be returned to by COB Wednesday 14 February 2018. It is recommended clubs consult with relevant personnel such as coaches and senior players when considering whether to make submissions.


Submissions will then be circulated to all clubs along with an agenda for a SCA & Clubs Meeting which will be held on Wednesday 14 March at Blundstone Arena, Bellerive. Clubs are again encouraged to consult with relevant personnel in considering proposals and representatives (max. 2 per club) should attend the meeting with the understanding of the club’s thoughts/position on each matter.


Clubs should also note that following the above process, the SCA Committee with not be considering further Club proposals for changes to the SCA competition prior to the 2018/19 season, unless they relate to decisions or changes made subsequent to this process and are therefore unknown to clubs.


If there are any queries, please contact Eamonn Doherty on 6282 0449 or via email at If clubs wish to seek any advice on the completion of submissions to ensure they are developed in a manner which will allow for the most effective consideration, I am also available to assist.


The timeline for this seasons SCA By-Laws, Playing Conditions and Competition Format Proposal Process is as follows:


  • Wednesday 10 January - SCA/CT circulate the attached Proposal Template Form to Clubs
  • Wednesday 14 February - Submission for Proposal Changes Close & Circulated to SCA Committee & Clubs
  • Wednesday 14 March - Submissions discussed and voted on by respective Clubs at SCA COM with Clubs Meeting (Attendance required by all SCA Clubs)
  • Tuesday 3 April - SCA Committee to ratify submissions
  • Thursday 5 April - Clubs advised on Changes


Attached in the Club Update was a submission from CT and the SCA Committee, which will be presented at the SCA & Clubs Meeting. It outlines a T20 Competition Proposal for implementation across all SCA Grades in 2018/19. To view this proposal, please click here


Download SCA Proposal Template Form Here

Last updated: Tuesday January 16, 2018