SCA Women’s Competition ‘Gala Come and Try’ Days
Date of event: Sunday March 4, 2018

With the significant growth of female participation throughout Tasmania (13,353 participants recorded in 2016/17, 24% increase on 2015/16), the Kookaburra Southern Cricket Association is hosting a SCA Women’s ‘Come and Try’ Gala Day.


In preparation for an SCA Women’s Social Roster for the 2018/19 season and beyond, the SCA and Cricket Tasmania are providing the opportunity for Southern Tasmanian Cricket Clubs to participate in a relaxed, flexible and social environment for female participants.


Aim/Objective: Provide the opportunity for Southern Tasmanian Cricket Club and Interested Female to participate in a relaxed, flexible and social environment, as well as assisting Clubs in promoting and recruiting players in preparation for the 2018/19 season


Who: Southern Tasmania Cricket Clubs, from the following Associations:

  • Southern Cricket Association
  • Huon Channel Cricket Association
  • Tasman Cricket Association
  • Oatlands District Cricket Association
  • Cricket Tasmania Premier League (2nd Grade Teams)


Target Audience/Age: Target audience is for those who are unable to currently participate in established Women’s and Girls Competitions in Southern Tasmania (CTPL Women’s, CTPL U/17 Girls & U/14 Girls). We want to create a relaxed, flexible and social environment for players of all abilities and cricketing experience/background. 


When: Sunday 4 & 18 March 2018.


 Where: Eady Street Oval No. 1 & No. 2 & Cadbury Oval No. 1 & No. 2 (if required)


Playing Format: Designed to maximise success and ensure participation of all players involved.



18.0 Metres


40m – 45m


142g Kookaburra Practice (2 Piece)


20 Overs (bowled from one end). Maximum of Six (6) balls per over

Number of Players

7 fielders (maximum of 9 batters and 9 bowlers)


Unlimited Dismissals. When batters are dismissed, they simply change ends. Bowling team can be rewarded with runs/wickets


17 Balls (including wides/no-balls)


Minimum 5 Bowlers Used

Length of Match

2 Hours



Please register your club’s nomination by filling out the team nomination form via SurveyMonkey here


If you know of any individual who are not affiliated with a team and would like to participate, feel free to let contact CT’s Eamonn Doherty on 6282 0449 or and we can assist in finding those a team/club on the day/s




Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost per team for the Gala Days?

NOTHING! It is free to participate.


How many matches will there be per day and what is the schedule?

Depending on the number of team nominations, there will be 2 matches played on each venue, so 8 games overall. If required, another ground will be booked by Cricket Tasmania. Schedule is as follows for both days for Eady Street No. 1, Eady Street No. 2, Cadbury Oval No. 1 & Cadbury Oval No. 2:

  • Match 1  9:30am – 11:30pm       
  • Match 2  12:00pm – 2:00pm


Are we limited to just one team nomination per Club?

NO! – Nominate as many teams as you like. Remember it is seven (7) players per team/fielders so if there is an opportunity to nominate more than one (1) team – go for it!


If you club only has 2-3 players, please contact with CT or the SCA and we can still get the players and club involved, whether that be through a hybrid team (eg Claremont/St Virgils combined) or filling in for a team on the day, we will be able to accommodate for those wanting to be involved.


Do we need to provide any equipment on the day/s?

Cricket Tasmania will provide umpires, balls and scorecards for the Gala Day/s. Clubs will need to provide Club Equipment (i.e. pads, bats, gloves etc) for your players.


We don’t have any players that have Club Uniform? Can we just wear activewear/cricket whites?

YES! We are trying to provide a friendly, flexible and social environment, especially for the initial Gala Days so please do not feel that your Club needs to order additional clothing for the event. If your club does decide to nominate a team in next season’s Women’s Competition, then you have ample time to organize uniforms for next season. 


Does Cricket Australia, CT or the SCA have Marketing Collateral for us to use for clubs social media channels?

YES!. Cricket Australia has a dedicated website for Clubs to use to promote all cricket formats (including Women's and Girls) via Cricket Australia's Community Cricket Website

Last updated: Wednesday January 17, 2018