SCA Club Update 08/07/2020
Date of Event Kookaburra Southern Cricket Association: Wed Jul 8, 2020 7:46AM



Cricket Tasmania is committed to leading and serving cricket clubs in growing our game.  A part of this is the ongoing infrastructure development of community cricket facilities.  The below survey is designed to collect your cricket club or association’s latest project plans so that our Community Cricket team may assist in making these a reality.



You may have already done all the heavy lifting, and your project may be shovel ready – well done!  We are however still excited to hear of your project(s) so we may monitor your progress and assist in any way possible along the journey.  It will also allow our team to case study your success to assist other clubs and associations in achieving similar results.



This link will take you to a short survey where you can log any ongoing or anticipated projects:


Should you have any questions regarding your project(s), please contact Club Development Officer (South) Will Thompson, 0417 128 758 or





The Tasmanian Government acknowledges the impact of COVID19 and resulting sporting competition postponements and cancellations on revenues for the organisations that support these activities.


Tranche 2 will provide sport and active recreation clubs and associations with grants of up to $3,000 to assist with hygiene and equipment purchases to comply with the relevant Return to Play plan.


The application form can be found here:




For further information please contact CR on: or 1800 252 476.


What does this mean for clubs?



Clubs will need to be smart with their applications – hygiene products are a given purchase as detailed in the above statement, however clubs should use this opportunity to purchase equipment (such as balls, helmets etc.) and thus save money in this area to be spent elsewhere.



If clubs intend to submit quotes as a part of their application process and are to be successful in receiving a grant, they will need to be able to show proof of purchase and not use the money elsewhere.






As part of the 2020/21 Cricket Tasmania Affiliation process, clubs are required to maintain a minimum of one Level 0 accredited coach across all teams.



Due to the staff restructure at Cricket Tasmania, candidates are currently unable to attend face-to-face coaching courses to attain Level 1 accreditation.  As such, CT have determined that a Level 0 accreditation will suffice.  Access the online learning platform for Level 0 certification here:



You will need to click the ‘Launch Learning’ tab in the centre of the page, after which you will be prompted to login with your Cricket ID (if you don to have one, simply click ‘Create a Cricket ID Today’).  From there you can access the coaching course.



Clubs will be notified if any face-to-face courses are scheduled over the coming months.





All clubs are invited to submit special requests for fixturing in the 2020/21 season.  The SCA COM will endeavour, as always, to facilitate reasonable requests where possible, however please understand that not all may be actionable.



Examples of reasonable requests submitted in the 2019/20 include:

  • A request for a home game in a certain grade on a certain day to celebrate a life membership
  • A request for one or two double headers in the T20 competition in the 2019/20 format



All requests should be submitted in writing to CT’s Community Cricket Administrator Paul Crosswell at no later than 5:00pm Friday July 31st.  Requests submitted after this date will receive a low priority status.





Please read the below statement from the MyCricket Support Team regarding functionality and changes that will impact the 2020/21 season:



For this season, we’ve focused on stabilising the MyCricket platform and addressing the issues you faced around registration and payments.  Two issues had the biggest impact on the largest number of users:

  • Players were unable to register to the same club more than once when looking to select different registration products;
  • Junior players were required to register themselves online a second time during the season if, while playing for the same club, they were placed in a different team competing in a different association.

We know these were not the only problems experienced so a full list of resolved issues has been collated on the MyCricket Support page and can be accessed here.



Additionally, we’ve taken the following steps to reduce the complexity of online payment features and stabilise the performance of the platform:

  • Last season a new feature was introduced that provided clubs with the option of passing the 1.95% transaction fee onto its players.  This option has been removed for this season (note that until the MyCricket platform is next refreshed on 14 July it still appears as an option – please don’t select this option if setting up registration products in the next two weeks). To assist clubs with this change, the amount that a club will receive from an online payment, after the transaction fee is taken, will be displayed during the registration product setup process.  This will allow clubs to alter their fees as required to collect the desired amount from players.
  • The part payments feature which allows for clubs to offer players the ability to pay their rego fees in smaller instalments online over the course of the season has been removed. Noting this may be an important consideration for players in the current economic climate, clubs are encouraged to consider offline options to provide greater flexibility in paying club fees.



A reminder to clubs that the first contact for MyCricket issues should be the 1800 CRICKET hotline.





The improved Ticket to Play sports voucher program opened on 1 July 2020.


The key objective of Ticket to Play is to increase the number of young Tasmanians playing sport to support the Tasmanian Governments objective of Tasmania being the healthiest population by 2025.



Under the 2020-21 program, people can apply for two vouchers worth up to $100 for each eligible child towards club membership at Approved Activity Providers. Children aged 5-17 years and listed on a Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card or in Out of Home Care are eligible. 



Sporting clubs, Scouts, Girl Guide and Cadet organisations are eligible to be activity providers where they meet the Activity Provider Conditions. All Approved Activity Providers from the coronavirus period between January and June 2020 will remain registered 



For more information and to apply for a voucher click here.

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